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Drugstore Foundations i recommend :) | Rhianna x

Hey there, all I know about you(yes you) is that you need some guidance in finding the correct foundation, or maybe you just want a change and are reading this for suggestions... Nevertheless I have some guidance in drugstore foundations that I've had experience with myself.

Let get started with skin type, I personally have combination skin but mostly dry. So any matte foundations just aren't good for my skin and i tend to try and stay away from them. The other day however, i did purchase a L'oreal Infallible 24h matte foundation because everyone was raving about it. I found that i can use it if i use very thick moisturiser and a good primer before, if I didn't it sunk into my acne and by the end of the day it was flaking off and my face was even hurting a little. Although i do think it has great coverage and it was all very even on my face. So if you have oily or normal skin then this is probably a great foundation for you. :)

However i found the best foundations for my…